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Dairy in Pickaway County

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Visit Miedema Dairy Farm in Pickaway County, Ohio to learn about the life of a dairy cow and their important role in the agricultural industry.

Ohio Dairy Facts

Dairy Farms: 2,948

Milking Cows: 268,000 head

Average Herd Size:  86 cows

Average Production p/ Cow: 19,187 lbs/year or 2,257 gallons/year

Milk Produced:  5.14 billion lbs or 605 million gallons

Ohio Ranks Nationally:

  • 1st in Swiss cheese production

  • 4th in low fat cottage cheese production

  • 5th in total number of manufacturing plants

  • 5th  in ice cream production

  • 10th in all cheese production

  • 10th in number of dairy cows

  • 11th in amount of milk produced


Download Dairy Activities

Dairy Cattle Terms to Know Activities
Download PP • 7.46MB

View activity slides at


In the Parlor with Dairy Farmers virtual tour from the American Farm Bureau Foundation. Curriculum expands on what is learned in the Dairy Ag Mag.

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